Dashboard Background Tasks

Windows 10
Desktop PC (Dell)
May question is what are “Background Tasks” in Settings about and what are they doing?
That in order to understand why I do need them

Thanks in advance,

Are you able to provide an image? What device do you own? Have you read all Information WDMyCloudInfoIcon WDMyCloudInformationIcon that is provided, if any? Have you looked at Help if any is provided? See drop down menu.

It is not about device.
It is about WD software Dashboard, as I wrote
No Help provided
I found WD Dashboard User Manuel, but probably it is not updated - there is no item I’m asking about.
Attached two screen shots

If you don’t own a device then what is this, WDC WD40EZRX-00SP?

I own two WD My Clouds, a 1st and a 2nd generation. They both have Dashboards where I set up the way I want them to work among other things.

Background task are the task that take place in the background even though you may be using the device. From what I see in your images you can make a couple of choices of what you want to happen for Background Task.

Hi, cat0w
I know how many and what WDI have on my PC,
but as have mentioned, it does not matter.
My question was regarding program Dashboard and about
one of its settings.
Generally, I know what means “background task”, but what does it men in this context?
If you also do not know what means this setting and two of its options,
how it might help to answer my question?
As I wrote, I found and downloaded Dashboard program User Manual, but it was for elder version and there was no such a setting (Background Tasks)
Thanks for trying!
All my disks|690x208 to hep

I have same question. Specifically, what exactly will stop if “Background tasks” are disabled when minimized? What will happen if i select option “Disable background tasks always”? There is nothing in the Dashboard manual about Background tasks.


It appears that you have an SSD and a Dashboard for it. What have you setup to run in the background?
Below is an example image from my Desktop computer that shows I have Background apps running in the background and what they can do.

Thanks cat0w. Yes, I also have “Let apps run in the background” enabled, but only apps that are listed there are Microsoft apps (Calculator, Windows Security, etc.).

WD dashboard is not listed there, which tells me that it probably didn’t register as a background app in Windows 10.

Is the SSD all that you have for your computer or do you have a HDD too?

SSD (Solid State Drive) Definition (techterms.com)

Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support (wdc.com)

WD SSD Dashboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Definition (techterms.com)

I nave both SSD and HDD in my PC. SSD is WD Blue.

That should not matter. I had a Samsung SSD before i purchased WD Blue and I had no problems with Samsung software.

@karu116 @d99007
The background tasks are what keep the data you are viewing in Dashboard “fresh”. For example, if you turn off background tasks the temperature chart will stop updating. To keep this data up to date the software has to send commands to the device which may be undesirable if, for example, you want to keep your HDD spun down. That is why there is the option to disable them.