Dashboard always report 0 Gb free space and can't add more files

I have a 4x4Tb RAID (12Tb of disk). It worked fine until it reach about 90% of space.

Now it show 0Gb free and I cn´t add more files. I can view all the data but if I delete files to get more free space, no changes apear in the system: 0% free y so I can´t write in it anymore.

Hi. what firmware version you have installed on the drive? Do you have the recycle bin enable for any of the shares?


I have already instal the last versión from the administrator page. It was instaled fine. After I daes a scandick, but no get any changes on the space.
I have readed the community and there ara similar cases, so I did the upgrade.

supoort tell me this:

Please follow the instructions on the link below and let us know if possible to resolve the issue:
Please follow the instructions for "System Only"
How to restore a My Cloud EX4 device to factory default settings

I do it but no changes. :frowning:
I´m scalating to next level supoort. I will continue reporting.