Dashboard hangs on install

Acer helios 300 i7
windows pro 10 2004 build 19041.572

wd blue mobile 4tb sata ssd

drive is installed and seen as D drive
data copies fine to drive
Samsung Magician and Crucial drive monitor pgms see wd blue drive just fine

downloaded wd dashboard direct from wd
right click to install
install begins for 7 seconds and then hangs…left it for 10 minutes the first time

says is installing

underneath the WESTERN DIGITAL logo on the dashboard install screen are the words "install version…which means exactly…what?

There is no western digital anything installed


so, I click on the “view release notes”…response is from windows saying “program is not responding”

I know those kinds of messages so I click to cancel the install…which the program promptly says “uninstalling” and then “finish”.

But… program does NOT delete its “western digital” folder or contents in programfiles(x86)…and if I manually try to delete them, I get the message “can’t because in use”.

So… I reboot computer and then manually delete the western digital folder

and…clean the registry out with ccleaner.

I’ve done this three times in the past hour. This app is a HUGE WASTE OF TIME FOR ME.

I looked for an older offline version installer of the program.

Not to be found anywhere on the internet.

Now…while I don’t notice anyone but me with this problem, I’ll assume the other 6 million people who bought a 4tb wd blue mobile sata ssd on Amazon Prime day are having no problems with their WD dashboard download and installation.


Any suggestions on what I should do?

Otherwise, the monitoring program isn’t really that big a deal to have. But… I’m not particularly happy to have wasted an hour on this and have to sign up on a forum no less to try and resolve what would normally be a 60-second install of a hard drive monitoring program.

Thanks all

Don’t ask my why, but what sometimes will help is to install a previous version.
If that’s working, update the old version to the new one.

Yep, I know the feeling and it’s irritating … and nope, it isn’t really that big a deal to have.
In the beginning you’re lookling maybe tree times on the program and after that never again.

One common issue with Dashboard install is that users have non-standard TEMP folders assigned in Windows. If that is your case, please assign those folders to the default locations for the duration of the install. You also need to make sure you have internet connected, firewall isn’t blocking anything, etc. There is also a standalone installer which can be given out via Customer Support if you need it to install offline, but that will not fix the TEMP folder issue for example.

By the way, you asked this question:
"underneath the WESTERN DIGITAL logo on the dashboard install screen are the words “install version…which means exactly…what?”
There are 2 version numbers shown, the version for the Dashboard software ( and the version for the Dashboard Setup software ( The Dashboard Setup is just the installer itself, and not every release of Dashboard will also have a new release of Dashboard Setup so the versions separate.

Like you mention, if you want to give up on installing Dashboard it will not actually affect the usability of your device. If you want to go a bit further, if you contact Customer Support they can guide you through some typical fixes and then forward you on to the dev team if nothing works.

By the way, here is a post from another user who had the TEMP folder issue.

Thanks. I read that article a few days ago. I have a clean install of win10 pro 2004, haven’t changed any default folders, have every win defender virus/realtime protection/firewall turned completely off.

I’ll contact support to get the offline installer.

It happens t to me with 2 different laptops with different operating systems, windows 10 and windows 11, version is , it takes a long time but it completed at the end, it looks stuck.