Darklight (Beta v3) release - UPDATE 4-25-12

Here’s the beta version of Darklight.  You should be running firmware version 2.07.17 and I am not supporting any new firmware versions at this time.

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Keep in mind this is only a Beta version and is still a work in progress.

Theme download:  Darklight (Beta v3)  (UPDATE 4-25-12). 

For SMP users see HERE for SMP version. (UPDATE 5-16-12)

Moviesheet templates download: Darklight TG template and No Cover box template (this is a new cover box template which is smaller than the old No Cover box template, but keeps the same quality as the old one when displayed.  The new cover box template should increase scrolling speed, but the old cover box template should still work.  I do recommed using the new one though)








Are you developing your dark theme  for both msp and ms versions??.. Is dark is going to get new face lift too ie icons, background, animated  features etc.??  I love the dark concept, it show the colors more vivid and distinctive, thats why I think your ms and msp theme is great, thats why I’ve modify and blended your version into osd simplicity. OSD has a nice color spectrum on the fornt end therefore blending you backend between the thumbnail’s and color scheme you have… 


another question, which xml file does the get info function works from; or is that behind the seems within  the firmware…


sweet video edit! Loving it!

@ DeVicious

i agree. nice work on the video FF/RW display TW!!

Thanks guys,

I also fixed the subtitle & audio to display with the play bar instead of displaying  seperately.  It always bothered me that the only way to see the subtitles and audio was to push the buttons on the corrosponding button on the remote which also changed the audio or subs.

Now pressing OK the remote will display the playbar with the audio and subs.  Also when you start the movie, when the playbar goes away so does the audio and subs.

@TW yeh I found that annoying too!

VERY slick work TW!

When will you be thinking of releasing your WIP?

Hi Tin,

Great theme. I have just a problem with the galery view.

There are two different perspective : one for the summary box and one for the properties box but there are opposites.

I think it’s better if both are in the same way or maybe no perspective view at all ?

Love it’s " Darkness", looks really good. And nice video edit! When will you release?  :smiley:

Love it TW

Another great work.

Any idea about  the eta?


I like the look of this a lot, especially the view where you can view the whole moviesheet on its own i.e. no metadata superimposed , just the movie icon in the corner.

I had the WDTV Ver1 and created all my moviesheets for it which had movie info as part of the image. It would be nice to be able to still use these, and looks as if this view will allow.

Have just bought the SMP so if possible ( I appreciate that it is more work ) it would be great if you could do a ver for the SMP, just like you did the Mojo for the SMP which is much appreciated.

Im on the Forum 2 times a day, just to check this thread. And im still curious about the ETA for this gorgeous theme.

Any info to give the community yet? :smiley:

Looks good. Really like the dark colours. Nice work :slight_smile:

looks fantastic!!!  Do your themes run without Library enabled?

Thanks guys, glad you like the look.

I know some are looking for an ETA for a release, but right now I can’t give you a time frame.  I might, if I have some free time, have something by next weekend, but with Thanksgiving coming up I can’t say for sure.

No, you have to run with the library on.  But even though some complained about this, I don’t have any problems with the library unless I’m adding or deleting a file.


Take your time Tin :smiley:

Will this run on the FW before the one that just came, or do I have to roll back further?

It should run on all versions, with some limitations for the latest 2 releases due to no png(jpg) or true png support.  I’m basing the theme on the newest firmwares updates, but running it on 2.07.

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Thanks for the news TW!

Take your time and enjoy Thanksgiving.

I love your Aeonish theme Tinwarble, but unfortunately the features of newer firmwares won and I’m currently running 2.07.    I AM running Mojo on 2.07 and love the look of the darklight and will definately switch to that when you release it.

Hopefully they fix some of the issues with .PNG for the next firmware and we can also enjoy new features with the fantastic themes everyone has.

Thanks, but the Aeonish theme is not mine.  That is JoeySmyths theme.

Opps… my bad!   Sorry Joey!