Damaged or dead drive

I have a WD10SPCX slim WD Blue 1TB drive. It started making noises and then appeared to fail. From research it would seem that the head is stuck on the platter. Can anyone provide information on how to open the drive to fix this?

There are numerous YouTube videos with this info, but unless you have ready access to a clean room, or at least a clean-air isolated work box, you’d possibly wind up damaging the platters due to dust contamination.

Thanks for the response. All the videos I have found on YouTube relate to “standard” 2.5 drives. I can find no way to open this slim drive. I have written the drive off but would like to get some data, such as partition structure and content. I could then use fresh downloads and backups to reconstruct it.


You need a standard tool and class 100 clean room to open it to avoid further damage to the platter due to dust particles. If you don’t have any of these then you can contact any data recovery service provider those have their class 100 clean room. This will help you in getting back your data with safety.


Totally agree with the words of Stellardata. The weird noises from the hard drive is a sign of something abnormal. Immediately disconnect your drive.
Further, as mentioned by you, it may be head struck, it needs to be only taken care by data recovery experts having advanced tools and equipment. If you try to tamper the drive yourself, by doing so you yourself killing your data.