Damaged HDD after failed formatting?

When formated my new Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB the whole pc freezes. And I have to restart it. Now I can’t get into windows anymore when the new hdd is connected. My pc freezes when booting. What to do? Is the new hdd damaged? I have Win7 x64.

Now I got into Win after a while and actually finished a fast format. But the pc is slow and sometimes freezes. And after some minutes I can’t reach the drive and everything freezes so I have to shut down the computer manually.

For a 3t drive it needs to be formatted GPT instead of MRB. I don’t know if Windows7 will do that you may need a third party partition tool.


The first time starting up the computer with the hdd I choose GPT disk on a pop up window. But it’s impossible to do a full formatting because the pc stops working after a while when this hdd is connected.