Daisy chaining thunderbolt external with HDMI monitor adapter

Hey guys, I have a 2012 Macbook Pro (non retina). It has one thunderbolt port, and the mac store people said that I would have no problems whatsoever connecting the external to the computer, and then the thunderbolt to HDMI adapter cable on the second port of the external. (WD 6TB My Book).

I am a Video DJ - so, I go from bar to bar with my mac and need to be able to send a good video signal.

Sure enough, I tested it at home with HDMI into my TV, and all was well.

Take it to the bar, and the video screen would appear for about half a second every 20-30 seconds.

If I did not use the external - and I plugged the Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter directly into the mac, the video signal was fine. I tried all the resolutions, nothing seemed to work.

The bar setup is as follows: I use SIIG boxes to convert my HDMI signal into cat6, which runs about 100 feet to the AV rack. From there, I use an SIIG scaler to convert the HDMI into component, and a powered component distribution box to take a signal to each of the bar’s matrix switchers (each one is 16 ports). From there, the bar uses component over ethernet boxes to connect each TV.

Kinda scratching my head on this one - has anyone had any similar issues? I’m tempted to just say screw thunderbolt and snag a firewire external, but I kinda want to know what is going on…

Don’t really know dude, that’s a messy configuration you got there. :neutral_face: