Daisy-chain WD Live

Can the WD TV Live box be daisy-chained with other same boxes?  I have almost 2TB of movies on WD Passport drives - about to purchase my first flat screen TV.  I am looking for the easiest and most efficient connection to be able to view those movies on that TV without interfering with the wireless/wired Internet connectivity feature on the TV.


Do you have the newer (Live Streaming) or an older WD Live player?  This forum is for the older model.

I know what daisy chain means, but not sure what you intend by daisy-chaining WD units.  Just connect your drives to the WD Live USB inputs.  Plug the Live into the HDMI input of TV.  Nothing from WD will interfere with the TV’s internet connection.  Get a TV with plenty of HDMI inputs, or you will be buying a HDMI switcher box soon.  Mine has four, and I still need a switcher box for all the HDMI-connected gadgets!