Daisy Chain question

Hi there
I’m using a late 2013 iMac with two Thunderbolt ports. I have a 4TB ‘G-Raid with Thunderbolt’ hard drive which I am using as a library for my photos/videos. I want to add a second G-Raid which I plan to use to for back-ups from both my Mac and the library G-Raid, using the Mac’s Time Machine function.

Is it possible to Daisy chain two G-Raids via Thunderbolt to do this?

Thanks in advance

It should allow you to daisy chain up to 5 devices

Thanks Jebusx - do you know whether Time Machine would be able to back up both what is on the mac’s hard drive and the files on one of the G-Raids both onto the other G-Raid?

In the Time Machine setting, there is an “Options…” button that you can set it. If the drive is in the Exclude list then remove it from the list. That would set it to backup everything except the list from the excluded. Hope that help.

OK, I can see that Options button and that totally answers my question - thanks very much, appreciated