Daisy Chain Issues When Restarting Computer

I’m daisy chaining two G-Tech drives (Thunderbolt 3) with no problems. That is, until I restarted my computer just now. The drives are a 6TB G-Drive and a 20 TB G-Raid. The computer is a new 2020 Mac Pro. I’m having a hard time getting the computer to recognize these two drives and I am guessing there is a proper sequence for restarting the drives and hooking up the Thunderbolt 3 cords for daisy chaining. Any suggestions for getting the computer to recognize the drives?

I have the same problem and cannot get answers from the manufacturer or anyone else.

When daisy-chaining multiple Thunderbolt 3 drives to your Mac Pro, it’s essential to follow the proper sequence to ensure they are recognized correctly. Here are some steps you can try to get your computer to recognize the G-Tech drives:

  1. Power Cycle the Drives: Turn off both the 6TB G-Drive and the 20TB G-Raid. Disconnect them from the Mac Pro and the Thunderbolt 3 daisy-chain.
  2. Start with One Drive: Begin the sequence by connecting just one of the drives directly to the Thunderbolt 3 port on your Mac Pro. Ensure it is securely connected.
  3. Power On the Drive: After connecting the first drive, power it on and wait for it to fully initialize and show up on your Mac Pro.
  4. Check Disk Utility: Open Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility) and see if the drive appears there. If it does, it means your Mac Pro recognizes the drive correctly.
  5. Daisy-Chain the Second Drive: Once the first drive is recognized, power it off again. Now, connect the second drive (20TB G-Raid) to the first drive using the Thunderbolt 3 daisy-chain.
  6. Power On Both Drives: Turn on both drives and allow them to initialize in the daisy-chain configuration.
  7. Check Disk Utility Again: Open Disk Utility and verify that both drives are now recognized and listed correctly.
  8. Check System Information: You can also check the System Information on your Mac Pro (Apple Menu > About This Mac > System Report) to see if both drives appear under the Thunderbolt section.