Dailymotion not working on wdtv live

Its been more than week dailymotion on WDTV live is not working, i tried resetting WDTV to factory setting, i restarted WDTV many times none help.

I can search and browse videos but when i select it to play, video does not play and i just see player screen with message “LOADING…”

Please help me to fix this issue…

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What is the model number of your WD TV?

Yes , this is the same issue with my WDTV Live . I can browse in daily motion but video doesn’ play . 

BR// Deepak 

Model is C3H

My WD TV Live Live Streaming Media Player model is also C3H . 

Device Info  / Current Firmware: 2.02.32


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD


I am having the same issue, WD Support Team please fix it. 

Hi guys, we have passed this along to support. 


Did you get any feeback from the support team ??

Hi malik43, there is currently no new information on this. 


Any solution on this issue please ??

BR// Deepak 

I also raised this issue to WD support . Beow are the details , Hoping it will be resolved soon .

Case Ref Number : [Deleted - Privacy]
Case Details : Dailymotion not working last 3 weeks
Case reason : Troubleshooting.

BR// Deepak 

Just noticed today , Daily motions video are working Ok . I don’t know how it is resolved . But it is working now . 

Thanks .