D-Link DWA140 + Netgear DGND3300 Wireless Successful

Hello forum members.

I want to share efforts that led to my successful WD TV Live connection to my wireless network.

My network router is a Netgear DGND3300.  I have shared VOD media on my downstairs Windows Vista home built PC.  I wanted to use the WD TV Live on an upstairs bedroom 720p Sony Bravia.

I received the WD TV Live about one week ago. Ignoring the hardware list, I tried to connect the device with a Netgear WNDA3100 USB wireless adapter.  This failed to connect.  Lesson learned:  Check the hardware list.

I then tried a Buffalo Nfiniti Wireless N adapter.  The connection was good enough to upgrade the software to the latest .21 version.  

After the upgrade, however, the WD TV Live video was choppy and the network connection was tenuous; that is, the device kept losing network connection.  I reset the WD TV Live to factory defaults (now .21 firmware) and changed the Netgear configuration around.  More on the Netgear configuration later but at this point I could not get a good connection.

I felt that my issues were related to the range and speed of my wireless connection.  I blamed the Nfiniti.  On hindsight the blame might have been misplaced but the adapter was small, cheap and easy to replace.  

I purchased a D-Link DWA-140 based on positive reports here.  I added the D-link to my system on USB2.  The device and network were recognized but VOD video was choppy.  After a few minutes I received a ‘No connection’ notice.  

I reset the WD TV Live to factory defaults (.21 firmware) but this did not help.  I moved the USB connection from USB2 to USB1 and reset to defaults again.  No more lost connection.  But the video was choppy.

With connectivity and bandwidth issues on two wireless N adapters, I refocused my attentions on the Netgear router.  My router has four possible wireless configurations.  There are two dual band configurations (5GHZ and 2.4GHZ) and two single band choices (2.4GHZ).  

Both dual band configurations have a maximum bandwidth of 54MBPS for the 2.4GHZ frequency.  The single band configurations–2.4GHZ only–have a 130 MBPS and a 270 MBPS choice.  

Both the Nfiniti and the D-Link adapters work at 2.4GHZ only.  So I set the Netgear to “Up to 270 MBPS at 2.4 GHZ.”  It worked!  

All is well. Current working configuration:

*  Netgear DNGND330, “Up to 270 MBPS”, WPA2-PSK, 11N Channel set to AUTO selection.
*  D-Link DWA-140
*  Sony 720p Bravia
*  DVD VOB files

Thanks everyone.

Hey, that’s a great “First Post.”   Welcome aboard.

This is really good detail and a pretty good logical walkthrough.

Some commentary:

“Up to 130” is another way of saying that it’s 802.11n with 20Mhz channel-width.

“Up to 270” is 802.11n with 40MHz channel-width.

I would avoid using AUTO channel selection; if the AP decides to switch channels, you’ll get glitches in the middle of what you’re watching.

Thanks, Tony.

I’ll change the channel.  Another thing that I did was to locate the WDTVLIVE in the Netgear Attached Devices and made a reservation for the device.