Is it possible to remove all things WD from the boot and create a custom installation of say Ubuntu instead?

For me this is a 3TB hard drive with a small computer board and I frankly don’t see why it couldn’t be done. If anyone has done this and not bricked it I’d be interested to learn more.

I have bricked my machine, and restored it to it’s WD default.

I’ve tried adding a hostname that I point to my home ISP but I get this when I try to activate it:

cannot occur within section

Action ‘configtest’ failed.

The Apache error log may have more information.


Which leads me to believe the WD proprietary software is interfereing with basic VirtualHost capabilities and I am not sure how to over-ride it. I really don’t care too much about the /UI dashboard, it’s rather boring and too consumery for me.

Anyway, if no-one has done it, no biggie, I might just try installing it via SATA to USB on a Linux machine and see what happens if anything. Of course I do realise I will be tredding on thin ice, but I am willing to take the risk. Don’t care about the warranty.


Anybody :neutral_face:

This type of customization is not supported.

You might brick the drive with this alteration.

I know it’s not supported, just looking for clues or info if anyone has done it. Also if the processor board is proprietary then it wouldn’t be worth it as it probably won’t take an alternate flavor of Debian such as Ubuntu. In which case, I’ll just buy a Raspberry PI kit or something to putz around with.

Furthermore Mr Support Guy…

I am not looking for support from WD on your product. I already know it lacks the promise advertised… it truly is a terribly slow device and I don’t like to have to use JAVA to map my drives.

All I need to know… Is the hard drive tied into the the mini motherboard via proprietary software preventing the device to be custimized in the manner I described? If so… WD should release the source code to the developers of Debian and other OS developers so that they can come up with a custom version of their OS specifically geared to this type of system.

You sold us a hard drive with a mini computer… worth every penny, so don’t thwart us or prevent us from customizing it how we wish by withholding vital source code (if any) from those that can help improve your product and increase sales.

Again, not asking for support and I know and fully understand the risks of bricking the device, but frankly just as long as I maintain the integrity of the 2 primary rootfs partitions, in fact all the partitions of the drive, I shouldn’t have any trouble restoring it to it’s WD former dullness. It’s actually rather simple to restore the rootfs image file. 

What I want is to replace those rootfs partitions with an operating system of my choice and completely eliminate all proprietary software pertaining to WD. I don’t like your UI dashboard, it is boring and I don’t really need a web interface anyway, I can control the device just fine via terminal input.



What file are you modifying when you get that error?

You are talking about the apache2 sites-available files… copied the 000-default.conf to new file but when trying to load it into apache it won’t play ball, so there must be some other custom configuration.

Not sure why the LinAdmin is talking about Lawyers… 

The 000-default file isn’t the root configuration. IIRC, the root file is apache2.conf

So you’ll need to see how those files relate to each other, particular as far as includes are concerned.

I was actually trying to add a virtualhost rather than have the actual root system take on the vhost name.

It’s no biggie really. I’ll shelve my project as I am just beating a dead horse.

Thanks anyway.

I think vhosts are added by making a separate configuration file for each vhost, putting that file in sites-available, and then symlinking it into sites-enabled?

That is a possibility. However, I do have an alternate solution to store the web sites on the drive by mounting a shared NFS to a VirtualBox of Ubuntu on my MAC… tried it before, only flaw is it’s tricky to secure it, but I will revisit that technique. There is always options I guess.