Customizing themes:Change bg color of folder thumb (?- yellow button)


I have a very tricky problem and since I am a new user, I need a hint into the right direction please.

My problem is the background color / text color combination of *any* thumbnail (what you see when you switch display with the yellow button on the remote). In all possible views (music -view per folder/album; youtube - playlists; rss feeds etc) the combination is always black text on very white background.

Here is my problem. My sight is not good enough (and my tv far too small) to be able to read the text. I dont need it too much in films, since I can browse those in details view by folder. But especially youtube, musc and RSS are extremely hard to use for me.

I already had a read through tutorials dealing with thumbgen, but I had the impression this is mainly for generating sheets & thumbnails for one’s movie collection?
So I think I would need to change something more substantial in the theme itself. I had a look at some custom themes and the included files, but unfortunately I am totally lost as to find out which xml file(s) I’d have to change colors.

Currently I am using Legacy theme for SMP which is brilliant, but it does not change that very white background in that view mode. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Even just the correct word for that view would help me a great deal so I could search what I am actually trying to change.

Try asking Tinwarble for that one.

Text color is the only thing you can change in XML theme files.

The graphical objects’ colors are in the PNG files themselves.

The one you’re probably wanting to change is called backdrop_thumbnail_f.png

Well, first, I think you Subject line is a little misleading as to what your problem is if I'm reading your post correctly.

From your post, it sounds like what you are wanting to do is to change the display text and or background color that the text is displaying on for the Video, Large Video, Music Grid, etc..

Now I can't walk you through every view for each separate item, but for say the Music Grid view, you will need to change the image "music_gallery_grid_thumbnail_bg.png" and then the text is located in the xml "rv_music_browse_page.xml" and to change the description text you would need to change these lines:

<wrapper w="256" h="24" fontsize="20" textcolor="0x074f70">
<text text="@@description_0" x="169" y="193" speed="@@browse_speed_0" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_1" x="562" y="193" speed="@@browse_speed_1" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_2" x="955" y="193" speed="@@browse_speed_2" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_3" x="169" y="308" speed="@@browse_speed_3" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_4" x="562" y="308" speed="@@browse_speed_4" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_5" x="955" y="308" speed="@@browse_speed_5" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_6" x="169" y="423" speed="@@browse_speed_6" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_7" x="562" y="423" speed="@@browse_speed_7" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_8" x="955" y="423" speed="@@browse_speed_8" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_9" x="169" y="538" speed="@@browse_speed_9" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_10" x="562" y="538" speed="@@browse_speed_10" delay="2"/>
<text text="@@description_11" x="955" y="538" speed="@@browse_speed_11" delay="2"/>

The part in green is what you need to change to change the text color.

For other items, Video, Large Video, etc. it is basically the same, you have to look for the image (all video bg images are in there own folders) and the corrospondeing xml file.

By the way, if you don't already know, to change the theme parts, you will need to download the OSD from here:

Thanks so much for your hints, will look into this first thing in the morning. Looks like there is hope for being able to read these views!