Customization Issues - ThumbGen + Black Mamba Theme

I am using ThumbGen with the goodbye Black Mamba Theme with linksheets.


1. Can’t seem to get it so that it automatically selects 3 fan arts and plays on the WDTV Live Hub. Yes, I have selected the option get 3 Fan Arts automatically from the options menu. Even selecting it manually does not work.

I do get an error when the movie is in its final phase of processing (after you select f1, f2 and f3 and click generate them)

The given path's format is not supported.

I attribute this to a bit of code that is outputting it like M:/M:/… just syntax of the code or Thumbgen’s inability to process files over a network, thus having to create mapped network drives of your shares. I am not sure if this is the source of my problem but it is worth mentioning anyway.

Attempted solution - I am going to start with a fresh copy of thumbgen and see if i accidently messed up a setting during my mucking around in the options.

2. All my movies still have movie art even though I have deleted all the old stuff everywhere! I am not sure where it is storing this folder art?? I deleted from /.miocrawler_cache and also from in the directories itself. The reason I am doing this is because the My Media Player function on the WDTV picked a lot of incorrect covers and in different languages. So i want to do everything in linksheets as I hear it is faster

3. Also, I would like to find cool folder cover art for my Movies and TV folders. Anyone know any that match the black mamba theme?

I am almost there to making my WDTV look awesome however, with playing around with ThumbGen it is going to take FOREVER to get all the movie and tv data and pics (if i can ever figure out how to setup mamba properly haha)  Especially if I have to sit there and manually enter a few things every movie file. And also all that file renaming and making sure the folder art file in the theme directory matches exactly the folder in my movie directory as my movie folders and files aren’t named the same way.

Clicking on getting information automatically does nothing as it skips every single movie file, even though it says its searching by the proper name.

Anyway that is enough for now, please let me know guys if you know of any solutions to the issues im having.



Try sending a PM to Tinwarble  if someone can help you with that, that’s him. :manhappy: