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I am living in outskirt of Bengaluru, India. OTC collection point is far away from my house and sending by post is not convenient due to packing of the HDD. It is like that I will lose one full day for Rupees 3000/- Hard drive. It is relevant to mention herein that I am using Seagate HDD also and they have same warranty policy like WD. But Seagate is flexible and keen interested to retain their old customers towards their ultimate business objectives. They understood that satisfaction of the customer is the most important thing to keep their dominant position in HDD market. Accordingly, for the convenience of the customer like me they have arranged for home pick up and within 3 days they have delivered the consignment with brand new HDD at my door step. It was also 1 TB internal HDD.

In the contrary after talking to [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY] around 9.15 am on 26th September, 2018 through your customer care number 18004195591 from my mobile number [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY] I only have experiences rigidity, negativities and arrogance etc. I don’t think company like WD have policy which is not convenience to the customer the way [REMOVED DUE TO PRIVACY POLICY] represented me. She clearly told me that home pick not at all possible, either I have to visit to collection point OTC or send by post. Furthermore, she also informed me that replacement of the HDD drive will be by recertified or refurbished one which is a matter of great dissatisfaction as I have purchased the same in the end of February, 2018. I am expecting new one. In comparison Seagate 1 TB internal HDD I have purchased 1st week of January, 2018 but they have replaced by new one and provided home pick up as per my convenience. It is pertinent to mention herein that I have few WD external hard drives but this is the time to rethink about my future purchase due to present WD warranty policy for the India customers.

With despair

Partha Sarkar


Hi sarkar,

I have sent a message, please check your WD Community Message Inbox.