Customer Loyalty Program suspended?

My internal AND external WD drives are in need or updating to larger drives.  But, after having to create a new PW, I found out that the CLP is CURRENTLY suspended.  I’ve taken advantage of this program several times in the past and am puzzled as to this current status.

Can anyone explain why and how long this program will continue to be unavailable?

Please check your private messages.

Yes, why was this suspended? I’m ready to upgrade some drives.

I just registered another drive and thought that I would check the status of the “Customer Loyalty Program”.

A few months ago, when I registered a drive, I saw that the “Customer Loyalty Program” was suspended.

I thought that this would be a temporary thing.

It seems as though I am wrong and the loyalty of customers is no longer appreciated.

Is this program ever goning to exist again?  If not, why???


It may be a while before we can bring it back online.  But, yes, it should be back again.

I too have two drives I need to upgrade - one is out of warranty, one is in limited warranty. Can someone share that info floating around in PMs to me???

If you’re asking about the customer loyalty program, it is still down for now.

Hi Bill - yes I am asking about the customer loyalty program. Thanks for letting me know and I hope it is back some time in the near future.

Thank you.  So do we. 

Is there any estimate on when the customer loyalty program will return?

So it’s been 8 months since this issue was first introduced.  I think we deserve an explanation for when this program has been suspended, and when it will be active again.  This will affect my decision of whether I continue to support this company any further.  Thank you.

I just went in to avail myself of the Customer Loyalty Program to find it is still suspended? It has been almost 1 year?

Com ome guys. I have two external drives and need to purchase a failrly large new one.

Can you let us know if there are any plans for resurection in the next month or so?


Yes, we are in the process of reviving the Customer Loyalty program, now.  It should be up in a few weeks.

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4 weeks ago Bill_S wrote, It should be up in a few weeks.


We’re still working on it.  It should be up within another couple of weeks.   

Also waiting for the program to come back

Just in case you missed the announcment.  The Customer Loyalty Program is back.

I was really excited when I found out that WD reinstituted the program. Since i travel with my laptop I was looking for a drive with an eSATA interface. I only found a USB 2 or 3.

Will there be any eSATA options? I really want the higher speed interface.

Interface    Speed

USB 2.0 -  480Mbps

USB 3.0 -  5 Gbps

eSATA -    1.5 Gbps to 6 Gbps


adboom wrote:

Will there be any eSATA options? I really want the higher speed interface.



Now that USB 3.0 is standardized, no.  Unless you find older external drives that come with eSATA, we won’t be building any new ones. 

I’ve let this go awhile…now I see the loyalty program is back. However, both my drives have now gone out of warranty, and my loyalty is not getting me any loyalty discounts. Apparently, drives have to now be in-warranty to get a discount.

Can you explain what happened to the program and why my out of warranty items are not getting me any loyalty with WD anymore?