Custom URL for Shoutcast

Maybe I’m just missing the obvious, but I’ve checked the manual and tried it on the device…is there a way to add a Shoutcast station manually?  I have the address and port, but find no place to add it.

I have been looking for a solution to that exact same problem!

I think the answer to adding a custom url into the shoutcast service is no.

However if you can access tunein on the player then you can add a custom URL to that service and save it as a favourite. You have to sign in to tunein on a computer, go to favorites and add custom URL. You then sign in to tunein on the WD player and select favorites. I don’t know if your URL will work but it’s worth a try.

I tried to do just that, log into the wd… I can see the url i created… when I select it, says no content in folder. hmmmm

I am successful in using winamp with shoutcast to stream to all computers on my network.

No luck with this, but I don’t understand what the custom URL is for because nothing works.  

I can add a URL on the Tunein website, then I see it on the WD player.  I first tried adding Shoutcast stations that I know work, but when I try playing it, it will say something like “No media in folder”.  I set up a Shoutcast server on my computer and used Wireshark to see what is going on.  The weird thing is, the WD player requests the stream, and the server responds and begins streaming…yet Tunein on the WD player isn’t doing anything with it.  

The big question is: what is Custom URL for?  What type of streams do work?