Custom folders not visible on device?

I have created new folders in the root of the WDTVLIVEHUB as follows I want to only copy movies etc to the internal HDD to play via a TV.



  • movie one

-movie two etc


  • movie one

-movie two etc

They are visible when they are connected to the network but when I move the device [disconnected from network] to my TV the folders are not there?When I come back to the PC and have the device connected to the network they are gone also?

Why isnt this stupid thing holding the information I write to it. Also why are the folders set to READ ONLY?

Doesnt this device have a 1tb HDD, thus it should not need to be connected to a LAN or Wifi if the folders are accessed directly shouldnt it? In essance I only wanted to copy movies to the internal HDD and play from there, no SMB, DNLA or any network - JUST THE INTERNAL DRIVE. 

How are you accessing the internal drive when you are not connected to your network?

Do you have the media library on?

Well I am wanting to access the internal drive directly via the browser when connected to the TV. 

I copy movies over when connected to network, then unplug device and connect to TV [no network] but files copied internally.

Does it HAVE to be connected to a network, even to connect to internal drivewhen connected to  a TV?

Do they show up when you set the CONTENT SOURCE to “Internal Storage”?

How about if you use the FILES tab?

Yes thanks Tony, I turned off Media Library and set to Local > Internal Storage RESOLVED :smiley: