Custom folder does not display


I have the WD TV Live Hub…and its great…I am trying to change the appearance of the root video folder which I have names Blu ray Movies.

I ve been reading and  applying some of the suggestions with out success…so I need some help…

I downloaded a .png movie folder icon and named it  folder.jpg and placed it in my Blu Ray Movies folder but the Icon does not display.  it still displays the default folder…what am I doing wrong…?

Her is my folder structure…


  Blu Ray Movies

    folder.jpg <----this is the custom icon that I want to display

    Avatar (Folder) <------Avatar.mp4 , Avatar.jpg ,  Avatar.xml

    Hurt Locker (Folder) <----Hurt Locker.mp4,  Hurt Locker.jpg,  Hurt Locker.xml  

    Batman(Folder) <----Batman.mp4,  Batman.jpg,  Batman.xml



Using a png file renamed as a jpg will not work as a folder.jpg. It has to be a jpg.

You need to call it 


if it’s a PNG file.

Perfect…Renamed it folder.png…and it WORKED…so very cool…

Thanks so much

I thought you could not use a png as a folder thumbnail. ???

It show somewhat distorted when I do that.

PNG can be kinda finicky, but they do work in most cases, though it’s not documented.

Hello Again,

After i renamed the folder.png I was able to get the folder to display the custom icon…I then tried to replace with a diff ICON by deleting and replacing the old folder.png with a new folder.jpg…after the HUB resyncs it continues to display the old folder.png…how do I replace the old one with the new one? 

You need to delete the thumb file in a hidden folder on the WD Live Hub drive. Go to the folder called “.wd_tv”, and open the folder “thumbs”. Navigate to the folder that has the picture you want deleted. Once you delete the corersponding thumb, the new picture you had chosen as folder.png will reappear as the folder thumb.

Cool…Thank you so much…Now on to see if I can use display movie sheets…