Custom firmware suggestions please

I’m sick of my tired firmware and would like to update to a custom firmware.  I’ve seen little bits about mojo and b-rad, but i’m not sure what to try.  I’m also having trouble finding easy instructions on how to update this so if anyone can reccomend where to find something like this or even a video on how to do it that would be great!  



if you’re wanting to try custom firmware you should visit

you should also know that firmware for the SMP is very early alpha has quite a few bugs

also it does not install, it runs from a thumbdrive

and setup from a PC on your network will be required

There is no CFW for Hub.

Try rolling back to firmware that works the best for you.

So all of these cool looking firmwares are actually running off of a thumb drive they have to keep in to run?  If thats the case is it just a matter of ejecting the thumb drive to go back to the stock version?  Also is the other reply true?  Since I have the 1tb hub these firmwares will not work for me?  

foetus wrote:

There is no CFW for Hub.

good point, it hasn’t been packaged for the hub

but its just a one line path change in the install script and then the firmware would run on the hub as well

DTv10101011 wrote:

So all of these cool looking firmwares

When you say “looking,” I’m wondering if you’re confusing custom THEMES with custom FIRMWARE.

Just in general, the wdltxv stuff appears pretty much identical to the stock firmware.  Most of the changes are behind the scenes and aren’t visible in the UI.

Custom themes, by the way, are fully supported by stock firmware.


Well that would be why i’m having such a difficult time finding anything. lol  I’m confusing the custom themes with the firmware.  My thought was that each of the different firmwares had a different theme.  So with that problem solved I will now attempt to find a theme.  Suggestions for a good theme would be much appreciated!  

check out the theme’s sub forum

lots of themes to choose from

and for the most part they should all work with the Hub

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