Custom Firmware and the forums?

Are there any rules about discussing custom firmware for the WDTV here? I know the tech agents I asked for help with before told me WD doesn’t support them.

I don’t see the point of discussing them here.  The guys that developed the homebrew firmware might not even subscribe here (yet?), but they are regular posters on which is where the custom firmware is regularly discussed.

I would think since they haven’t said anything yet that theres no problem discussing them. Maybe they should make a sub-forum for it?

Hey Mez, thanks for bringing that Custom Firmware is available for WD TV.

Also, thanks Mr Lazy for giving the link to the forum. There seems to be a lot more activity and knowledge available there. It seems to me while the staff here are doing a good job, most ‘official’ forums are under manned.

I’ll seek some advice over there me thinks.

WD will never support a third-party firmware.  Just think about it…  you flash your WD with a third-party’s product and turn it into a brick…  not their fault…  I can garantee you if you call the call center for support or try to RMA the product and state ‘third-party firmware’ they will instantly turn you away.  It’s a matter of cost/benefit.  The cost of supporting a thrid-party firmware GREATLY outweighs the benefit from added functionality.   Not to mention WD would have no quality controls on the firmware…

Indeed, WD wouldn’t be expected to support it, but they’d most likely allow discussion of custom firmware, which is what the OP was asking.