Custom Domain for My Cloud

Like many users, I work in an office environment that blocks all file sharing sites (Dropbox, SkyDrive, My Cloud, etc). I own my own domain, and have had luck in the past sharing files between my office, and home office by using SharePoint via a custom CNAME record that points “” to the sharepoint login URL.

It would be very helpful to be able to enter a specific domain in the My Cloud software or web interface that will allow a call from a specific sub domain to be allowed to pass to the login screen, and retain the domain url. My Pogo Plug Team allows for this custom UI, but it would be better served if we could connect to our own My Cloud NAS without storing anything on another “cloud storage” server.


I second this.

I would like to make the login page callable within my own domain.

This is already possible.Iif your router supports DDNS (Most Do) I already have my sub domain configured to allow remote access to the WD EX 4 I have at home. You will need to setup DDNS and port forward without a static IP but I can access the WD UI using my subdomain and even remote into my server etc using the same sub domain the key is the port forwarding and the defined ports for each device.