Custom Avatar Image

I see many users have custom avatar images here on the forum.  In my account settings I have uploaded a custom image to use but can’t figure out how to apply it.  Seems to only let me select the stock images.  Am I missing something?

Custom avatar images are tied to ranks and roles in the community, and are not readily available to new community users.  They must be earned, and are the result of specific roles and algorithms that have been created for the community.  If you hang around long enough, and more importantly gain a positive helpful reputation within the community, you could earn the permission for a custom avatar.  Those that have them have done so.  Oh, and there is no way to game the system. 

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It’s just an image but okay thanks anyway LOL.

I know this is a little late as I have been busy. But I agree with you Jumpman I wanted to use a pic of a donkeys rear end but oh no cant do that LOL.

Even as a community VIP I’m surprised you can’t Hammey lol.

Guess you gotta tattoo a giant “WD” on your chest in order to get a custom image.