Current Pending Sector Warning

HD Tune is showing this:

ID                                                 Current  Worst  Threshold   Data      Status 

(C5) Current Pending Sector       196        196      0                1386      warning

Should I be worried? What does it mean?

Try testing the unit with a different tool like the DLG ( Data Lifeguard Diagnostic) that will give you a full status of the unit.

oh sorry here you have a link to get the DLG tool

Thanks for the WD DLG tool. I am running it on my 2 hdds that I think are failing on me.

I still need an answer if I should be worried about the results from the first post.

It would worry me. It means that the drive had problems reading 1386 sectors and is waiting for an opportunity to retest them and replace them with spares if necessary.

See this article for SMART info: