Current pending sector count error

Hi Guys,

I am getting this Current pending sector count error/warning for my pc’s WD internal hdd and my WD external my passport ultra hdd. The former was purchased in mid 2017 and the latter in mid 2014. Are these having 5 year warranties in India?
Now coming to the issues.

  1. The internal hdd shows this warning-

The hdd operates normal with no issues whatsoever.

  1. Now coming to the external hdd-


Tried copy pasting stuff but they are not completing.

Please guide.


Hello becool773,

You can use below link to find out the warranty details of WD Internal hard drives in India.

You should use the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to test the health of the WD’s Internal hard drive. If any drive fail, you can contact WD Support to replace them under warranty.

However, using My Passport Ultra with another USB cable, may help to resolve the issue.