Current pending sector ? Bad Sector

As you see I have bad sector. I try dlgdiag , hdat2 , chkdsk /r and /f , hdd regenerator.they are couldt help me.sometimes maybe current pending sectors none but again come come come pffffff :frowning: low level format fix it ?

If the number of bad sectors doesn’t increase you shouldn’t be worried.

Hi bad sectors never go away they only get worse you should RMA the drive. I am wondering how you got a g-sense error rate of 3344 this shows that the hard drive has been dropped and treated poorly. The g-sense error’s on the drive may void your warranty. With a laptop if you get up and walk around with it it will cause these errors setting it down hard will also do this, either way they will measure the drops it took and if past a certain point you lose your warranty. If the drive came with the laptop it is under warranty from the laptop manufacture for one year.