Current firmware 2.02.32,for the wdtv live, does not support video playback in snagfilms Or Fixster

After going through all the possible testing including getting a replacement box by Support, this is clearly a firmware issue. I returned the replacement box and I kept my old one. I’ve did a firmware rollback on the Fixster app. There was no problems, however, it didn’t fix the non video playback in snagfilms. You can only get the commercials. Then after that, only audio playback. I spent many weeks with calls to support. They told me that they don’t forsee any firmware update right now.Support was very helpful to me. They tried. I told them that I would try Roku.

I’m sorry. Thanks for letting me know.

a mod moved your post to the correct forum :smiley:

Not much is right with the player now. I have 2 with no fixes in sight. It really appears that now this model is superceded, that it is not going to be supported.