Ctorrent on the world book white light

I am having issues with the ctorrent program, yesterday it was working fine but now the torrents are in a state of limbo, all it is doing is connecting to peers and not actually starting( plenty of seeds available). I have had this problem once before and resolved it by backing up all the files on the hard drive to another hard drive then do a factory restore, does anybody know why this happens or know of a better way to fix the problem

29/04/2011 factory restore didn’t fix the problem this time , anybody have any suggestions

Hi there, if you have SSL enabled then why not trying to check on the ports?

Hi,thanks for your relpy. I am unsure what you mean ? where do i check where it is enabled on not and then what do i do to enable it and will there be anythig else i need to do like how to check ports, many thanks