CTorrent download doesn't start

I bought a WD MyBook World Edition White Light and I connected it to my router (Netgear DG834G). The HD works good, but there is a problem using CTorrent.
If I try to download something, the status is always in ‘Connecting to tracker to start’. Of course, I opened TCP ports 2106 to 2706.
Whereas in HTTP all works fine and the torrent is good (I can download it using another bittorrent app on my PC).
What should I do?

I tought the same thing when I tried the first time but the file was in the Download folder later when I took a look.

You’re right! Thanks a lot!

Do you know if there is a way to check the status of download? Because in this way I can’t see if download is still running or it’s complete.

Not of my knowledge. Sorry.

I do not know whether my issue is related to that of the OP, so I will post it here anyway:

if I open the WDC’s webpage on my PC it seems that there is no download taking place, whereas on my notebook I can see both the progress and the speed of the download. Any ideas?



I Think i have the same problem, the torrent status doesn’t update and freeze on the status “Connecting to tracker to start”, is this a bug or a problem! Should i ask for the return of my money?!

I get the ocassional issue that looks like the torrent hasnt started but actually is running in the background. Sometimes leaving the web ui to continually refresh will make the status magically appear. If this does not work, its a case of looking at the lights on your router to see if there is any activity between your router and the drive.

ok, i will see that, another problem that keep’s coming is this:

UNKNOWN 503 Server temporarily overloadedDate: Sat, 04 Sep 2010 02:13:13 GMTCache-Control: no-cache,no-storeContent-Type: text/html; charset=%sConnection: close

does anyone know how to solve this?