CTorrent, doesn't start to download


I’m a happy owner of a WD MyBook World Edition (white light) and I’m currently facing an issue. The CTorrent aplication doesn’t download anything at all.

I’ve added a valid .torrent file that works properly on a computer and even thought the torrent is shown in the ctorrent list…it doesn’t start to connect to peers - download.

I’ve also opened my Linksys WRT54G ports (2106 - 2706) and also configured my My Book properly in order to be able to accept connections.

Is there something else or anything that I can use to check? I also have SSH access turned ON  in order to troubleshoot anything directly from the WD MyBook.

Any suggestiions are welcome!

I was able to find a solution, follow this link and you will have a proper solution


Thanks. I had the same problem now it works fine.