CrystalDiskInfo or HDTune is wrong?

Hi I have an error on HDTune for the C8 write error rate for my caviar black 1002faex-00Z3A0 but there is no error on crystaldiskinfo. So who is wrong? I used the disk for over 1 year whitout problem until few days. Thanks

Edit: I switched the disk to my second pc to make some backup (win xp is installed on the second pc), i installed lastest version of crystaldiskinfo and disk checkup too. I don’t have any error on these programs but after copy the error on hdtune disapeared. I don’t understand, it’s a bug from hdtune, from the drive, windows xp, my second pc with his older chipset? The driver is defective finaly or not?

Run DLG WD only accept’s the DLG results.

WD dlg quick test passed. Do you have an explanantion for HDTune?