Cropped movies

I have a Philips 32PF5331 TV (aspect ratio 16:9). I can usually choose between different screen format adjustments (4:3, Movie expand 14:9, Movie expand 16:9, Subtitle Zoom, Super Zoom and Widescreen). When I connect the WD Live using HDMI, I can only use the Widescreen screen format on the TV. First I thought nothing of it, but then I started to notice that some movies are cropped, while some are not. Why might this be and what can I do about it?

Edit: I have the WD Live set to Widescreen. If I use Normal the movies are not cropped, but the aspect ratio is wrong instead.

others have mentioned not being able to swtich between 16:9 and 4:3 when they connect it to their tv via HDMI, but i have no problem on my samsung plasma.

i can switch between 4:3, 16:9, WIDEFIT on my TV, while leaving the WDTV to 16:9 at all times, as that is what my TV is, WS

i pretty much leave it on 16:9 and set the WDTV to 16:9 as well (i’m never changed that one) and watch it as is.  WS movies fit perfectly, some have the bars top and bottom if they are filmed in different rations and some TV shows (mostly kids) have the bars on the sides as they are filmed in 4:3, but everythin is proper ration and size, nothing stretched.

the odd time, they kids are watching a 4:3 video like THOMAS THE TRAIN or something, i’ll hit the PicSize on the TV and change it to WIDEFIT, so it stetches sideways, but other than that, both the WDTV and my TV are always set to 16:9 and connected via HDMI directly to the TV, not thru a receiver