Critical Safe Point security issue!

Mycloud 4TB drive + USB connected Mybook 4TB drive for safepoint only

I use mac desktop app to access mycloud (before, i just use Finder to access mycloud, but after upgrade to El Capitan, the Finder doesn’t work anymore). login from ANY account, I can see the USB drive Mybook and i can access the Safe point folders and files!!! So anyone can use the WD desktop software to access the ALL Safe Point files, including account login protection folders and files!

Solutions: password protection on the Safe Point.

Yes, it’s been a problem for some time, and is a serious flaw. It appears that Safepoint backups are made as Public.

I note that the latest firmware has a switch to disable USB access; this might be a solution to your problem?

Thanks, I didn’t notice that option.
I tested today, and it doesn’t work somehow… : (

The other solution, one that is already available, is password protect the “share” folder for the attached USB device on the Share page by turning Public Access for the share to Off. Then grant/disable access for selected or all users to that share…