Critical! Rebuilding Volume 1 Code:210 Need Clarification!

Hello, WD
Not too long ago my family’s 1.5TBs of data was almost lost when our Seagate Backup Plus crashed (we had 90% data recovery) and our online backup wasn’t actually updating…Since then, I have set up a cloud that has everything backed up and purchased a WDMyCloudMirror 6TB version.

My family traveled out of state for Christmas so I had the Mirror shipped to that location to begin the copying of the recovered data. Before we left, the Mirror had successfully copied everything from the recovery HDD and everything was “healthy” according to the web interface. I powered down the Mirror and put it back into its original packaging for maximum protection for the trip home.

When we got back and the Mirror was set up on our home network, I checked the Mirror through its browser-based interface and noticed that the notification icon was red.

The message it had was:

Rebuilding Volume

Rebuilding Volume 1 Time: 96:57:43 (this is the current timeframe)
Sunday, December 27, 2015 8:58:19 PM
Info - Warning - (!) Critical

When I go through the interface, everything still seems to be listed as “healthy.”

Here are some photos of the interface to help you see what I’m looking at:

prntscr DOT com/9jjj1g (disk 1 data) (“New users can only post two links”
prntscr DOT com/9jjj6e (disk 2 data) (^ Why the . is DOT in these two. Please change to . to see image)

I’m probably going to just wait the time out, but some clarification on what the Mirror is doing, why it occurred to begin and what I should do/be prepared for in the future would be nice to have.


It would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.