Critical Bug Report: FIles lost after Move canceled

I’d selected 4 folders, each folder containing 35 171mb Xvid files, to be moved to another folder on the same drive.  The target folder was selected and the operation confirmed.  The move proceeded normally. 

When I pressed Cancel,  the device had successfully moved 1 entire folder and its files, and partially moved a 2nd folder and 5 of its files. This should have left 2 entire folders and their files, and 1 partial folder with 30 files, unmoved in the original folder. 

But to my shock and horror, the yet to be moved files and folders were gone.  I confirmed this using File Management as well as Windows 7’s Explorer search facility with the drive attached to my laptop USB port.  Any file or folder selected for the move operation but not yet moved when the operation was canceled, was deleted by the WD TV Live.

This was the first time I attempted to Cancel a file maintenance operation in progress on the WD Live.  Previous (uncanceled) move operations had completed without error. I am 100% confident this was not operator error.

(Specs: WD TV Live w/ 1.01.11 firmware connected via USB2 to a 1TB WD external drive formatted as a single NTFS partition)

tbh, i wish there was a way to disable the file management.

i just taught my 4 year old how to use the wdtvl to watch his movies and i fear the possibility of files being deleted if he messes with the menu items.