Credit Note on defective hdd?


Here’s the deal, I sent a non working 2TB Caviar green through RMA  at the shop where I bought it so that they could analyze the cause for the malfunction.

Today they replied, giving me a credit of the value of the HDD instead of a replacement, which i thought was the western digital policy! Am i being scammed?  The hdd had 1year on it, it cost me 92€, now you can’t buy a 1tb with that money…

Please advice, thank you

It doesn’t sound like you did go through Western Digital for the RMA.  If you went through the shop, then they’ll apply their own warranty policy.

You are correct about Western Digital policy.  You ship the in-warranty defective drive to us (at the cost of shipping) and we’ll ship you a replacement drive free of charge.  With a credit card authorization we can even ship the replacement first (in case a drive hasn’t failed yet but you need to copy data)

I recommend that you ask the shop for your original drive back, and as long as that drive is still under warranty, we’d be happy to replace it.  You can find more information about our policies and check your warranty here:

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