Creator Owner Permission issue - Music

I’ve got a MyPassport attached to an HP laptop running Win10 via USB cable. I have about 90K tunes on it and used this HD on my older Sony running Win10 at home. I removed the HD and took with me on extended business trip. I transferred the music to iTunes and it seems to have worked (most album art showed up). A quick spot check turned up some instances where iTunes errored me with “can’t locate song”. I went into the Passport and searched on the song in question. A couple of these had WAV format and I wasn’t able to change them to iTunes format. I then looked into the permissions and it’s making my head explode.

I’m the owner creator of the contents on this HD, but I can’t edit anything and can’t get to Special Permissions. I’m trying this at the Passport file level. That box is grayed out on Authenticated Users (a group I set up), System and any other group I try to establish. I tried the UserManual software and nothing comes up under Owner, Creator or Permissions.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I’m often confused by permissions also, so no expert. One thing I have found is that when you move the Passport from one PC to another, you need to have the User Name the same on each PC. So, if you have a different User on the HP laptop than you had on the Sony you may have to change the User name on the HP to that on the Sony, or add maybe just add another user on the HP to match the Sony.


thanks. I’ll give it a try and let you know.

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