Creating users


I own an online Spanish school so I want all my students to have an access to their files/exercises, etc.
I created some accounts, I put the password for them but people are complaining. They cannot access it at all. They got a message like: you cannot access to the cloud because you password is incorrect…then, when they finally enter to the cloud (putting the same password as before), they cannot see any file.

I really don´t understand what I am doing wrong…Why it happens. Sometimes they put the same password and they enter and 5 minutes later they are not able to do it or files disappearing…

I am not changing any settings…so I don´t know

Can you please give me an advice? I am definitely not a technology freak :confused:



Thanks! But i read it million times and I think that wd cloud is not working properly.
I am setting up the password and people cannot access using this password.