Creating user /share access

Hi there,

I have created a user and a share just for that user. I tested with that account by logging into however they can see all shares and also access any of these shares despite them having no access to any other shares. Is there is a step I am missing or is the restriction of access to other shares just something that’s applicable on your own network but in MyCloud everyone sees all shares regardless of what restrictions you have in place?


Hi, can you share a picture of the permissions that you have set in the My Cloud dashboard? Did you use a different users to create the access code?

Perhaps all the other shares are set to PUBLIC ?

Hi All,

Thanks, shares were all set to public, once turned off they could only see what had been granted to them.

I had these as public in order to have anyone on my home network access these easily. I am presuming for my home network the best thing to do is to grant access to these shares by device (e.g home laptop user name) rather than having them as public? Can you do it bydevice or does it have to be by user name?