Creating themes

Hey how can I create my own theme for my hub? 

Is it done with thumbgen or do I need other programs?

Can I create my own moviesheet templates rather than downloading someone elses and how do I do so?

To create a theme you first have to download either the Leagcy theme or the OSD (Mochi theme).  I would recommend the OSD theme, you can use one of these:

2.04.13 OSD

2.05.08 OSD

2.06.10 OSD

Use which ever one that corosponds with the firmware you are using.  I recommend the 2.04.13 OSD version though, just because there are less bugs.  But if you want the games tab on the main menu, then you’ll need the 2.06.10 version.

After you down load it, then you will have to change the images in the “Images” folder to what ever you want and edit the xml’s.  This is not that easy for begginers, and you should start with small things and stay away from trying to edit the main menu until you get the hang of how things work.

I have some info HERE and some tips on themeing HERE.  If you get stuck you should try to search the Themes forum for an answer, if you can’t find an answer then someone will try to help you here.

Also, there is no program that can be used to make a theme, you have to do everything manually.  Thumbgen is only a program to make moviesheets and scrape metadata info, it has nothing to do with themes other than you can implement the things from Thumgen into a created theme.

And yes, you can create your own moviesheets, but it as well as creating a theme, will require you know your way around image editing software like Photoshop or GIMP and you’ll need Thumbgen Designer.

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Thanks for all of your valuable information,I have now been laid off work due to ill health (Back Problems)so I now have the time.

I have been watching every one who has been making Themes and I am very impressed.

I am starting to create a new theme,hopefully with Moviesheets,what I would like to ask is can I modify exsiting themes and ask the author for permission,or do I need to start from scratch.

The reason I am asking is because I have a few ideas which I think will look good.

It is not an easy task,and I think that you themers have done a great job.

I have a HTPC using XBMC quite powerfull,But I do like the WDTV Live Hub because it is low power,and I have had no problems with it so far displaying all films etc,That is why I would like to have a go at a theme.

Many Thanks Divy   PS your explanation has really helped me along saved me going through every XML

Hey divydave,

Sorry to hear about your health and being laid off, I hope things work out for you.

Anyway, yes, you can modify existing themes and although it’s not really necessary it is a good idea to ask permission from the authors.  Some authors have incomplete themes and would rather you wait to modify them until they are finished.  And if you do modify someone elses theme, make sure you give credit to the original author.