Creating theme question

Just to get a clear idea here, when a person creates a theme and only modifies certain images or xmls or folders an creates their  theme does the Hub , when you apply the theme, look into the theme folder and overwrite the current with what is in the theme folder?

Clear as mud?

Trying to figure out how themes work, so question is does the Hub look in the applied theme folder 1st and then apply these changes to the osd…so basically If I creat a theme I can just have a couple of xmls modified and say only the listview folder.  Is this correct?

Seems that if you look at some themes only certain xmls are listed in the theme folder as well as only some folders, so I assume this is how the theme process works?

thanks, I knowi’m kind of naive here.

Basically, yes.  Your theme only has to contain the images and xmls that you change, the HUB will use those and then fill in the blanks with the original theme.

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Thanks so much, picture is now clearer.

Greatly appreciated.