Creating share for photos collaboration


I am new user to 2TB My cloud. I want to create a share/folder whose link I can share with my friends for them to add all photos and videos of an event into a single folder.

Do I have to create user for all of my friends? That’s too much.

Can I do it the way normal cloud does where I just make any folder has full access to everyone who has the link?


You can share the folder using by sending them a public link. Disadvantage: everyone else could see the folder (but link is very cryptic).

Everyone who knows the link has only viewing rights to the folder. If you want somebody to have the right for uploads, you have to create a user.

Thanks. So I understood that user can only has write access if he has user account. People who does not have user can never have write access. Is that correct understanding?
If answer to above question is YES then what are the easier ways to have multiple people upload photos of an event?

  1. Create a user who does not have access to any other share except one share and then share that username and password with all?2. ?3. ?
    Regards, Bhavin

Here is a link to the User Manual, suggest you read it and the Help (?) information provided in the Dashboard.


This is exactly what I did. I used a new, free email account only for logging into, having the same name as the user in my Cloud. That one is used by me as the “guest user”. I gave him only access rights to the public share.

User manual only talks about how to add users or how to add shares. It talk about how to share a folder with everyone else. But it does not talk about the use case of collaborating photos from everyone.

Simply put if you want to let remote users have access to your My Cloud there are three basic ways *to accomplish the task. There are other methods of access but the following are the simple basic methods for remote access.

First: Go through the web portal this would involve creating a User account, assigning that User account to a Share (or folder), configuring that User account for remote access which then will generate an email that will allow the User to create a account. From there the User uses the MyCloud portal to upload/download content from the My Cloud folders the User has permissions to access.

Second: Create a User account, assign them permissions to a Share, then configure the account so the User can use one of the WD mobile apps (for iOS or Android) or use the WD My Cloud Desktop software to gain remote access to the My Cloud to upload/download content.

Third: Enable the FTP server on the My Cloud, configure one’s router/gateway to port forward FTP to the My Cloud, create a User account, assign that User account to a Share, give the User account info (including password) to remote users and they can use any number of FTP client software (Filezilla is a popular one) to access the My Cloud remotely via the FTP server.

If you haven’t already done so read through the WD My Cloud User Manual. It will get you started with the basics of creating User accounts, assigning Users to Shares, the WD mobile apps, the WD My Cloud Desktop program, and enabling the FTP option.