Creating Safepoint 'Retrieving Partitions'

I’m using a WDMyCloud and attempting to backup to a WD Elements.

I’m using Windows 10 and the WD Elements drive is formatted to NTFS. The drive is found when I start to create a Safepoint, but a message flashes up to say ‘Retrieving Partitions’ then disappears.

The drive is shown as connected at the top of the home page, and I have tried a reboot and System Only Factory Restore.

The only odd thing is that the WD Elements seems to say ‘0 KB Free of 0 KB’


Thanks in advance.

Check the USB drive to see how it is partitioned. For some reason some times the My Cloud has trouble reading USB drives that have more than one partition and where the main partition is the second partition on the drive. For some the workaround is to deleted all the partitions on the USB drive and partition it with one single partition formatted for NTFS.

Hi, the drive just had one partition as in the picture
I added a volume name and it seemed to work. Not sure if it’s connected.


I see this is a relatively older post however I am having the same issue and see very few posts about the resolutions. Mine also comes up “retreiving partitions” and I cant seem to resolve this issue so that I can use “MY Book” as a safepoint for “My Cloud”.

Thank you!