Creating Safepoint Question

I have been trying to create a safepoint but have had no luck. Here are the steps I’ve taken: 1) I open the Create section of the My Book Live Duo Backups page and click Scan Network.  2) I select the target device and then I get the message that no safepoint has been created. 3) The next step is to click on create, except there is nothing for me to click on so I can’t create the safepoint. Any ideas??

Sounds lile the device you’re selecting doesn’t have any writable shares defined?

I have three shares identified. 1) Public, 2) Bill, & 3) Laurie. You can see them on the drive, I can access them on WD2go.

Is the target a Windows share?

You have to have a user/password setup for Windows shares. This is required to authenticate.

Are you trying to connect to an Apple device? If so, it will not show up and will not give you any message. MBL uses SMB for backup and Apple uses AFP. The two do not work together.