Creating Safepoint from one USB drive to another

Hello WD Community,

Does anybody have experience using SafePoints with multiple USB drives attached? I would like to create a SafePoint of USB Drive A(3TB WD Elements) on USB Drive B(6TB WD Red installed to a external enclosure). I can’t see anywhere if this is possible. I will also be creating a SafePoint of the MyCloud as well to the USB Drive B. I imagine this would result in 2 different SafePoints, 1 from the host unit, and one from USB Drive A.

I also have an old MyBookLive I could bring back to life and use for this purpose instead if my first option is not possible. In that case I would use my new WD Red 6TB drive in the old MBL using the debrick guide provided in that forum. If you can think of any reason why one method would be better than the other I would be happy to hear it as well.

Thanks for your help.