Creating Safepoint from MBL on N900


I’m trying to create an MBL Safepoint on the public share of my N900. I’ve set a password for accessing the N900’s public share.  The MBL is directly connected to one of the N900 ethernet ports.

What happens is that I’ve set a daily Safepoint and it never completely finished creating one.

From the MBL I get an error message in my mailbox, e.g.:


Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .
Event title:There was an error updating your safepoint.
Event description:2 - There was an error updating your safepoint DailyBackupToN900 on the Public share on MYNETN900C.
Event code:1102
Event time:01-18-2013 12:39:15 PM
Firmware version:       02.32.05-046"


and on the N900 system log I see errors similar to the following:

[Time]Mon Jan 14 08:49:34 2013
[Message:10]*** failed to create thumbnail /shares/Public/.miocrawler_cache/71E0AA023E0280E374B034A4336B497D.50F38626.jpg, source /shares/Public/_WDPROT/WDSAFE/DailyBackupToN900/shares/Public/Shared Music/Windows_8_PRO_UPG/sources/sxs/amd64_netfx-aspnet_webadmin_images_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.2.9200.16384_none_7212a61ab4719ddb/help.jpg
[Time]Mon Jan 14 08:49:36 2013
[Message:11]*** failed to create thumbnail /shares/Public/.miocrawler_cache/71E0AA023E0280E374B034A4336B497D.50F38626.jpg, source /shares/Public/_WDPROT/WDSAFE/DailyBackupToN900/shares/Public/Shared Music/Windows_8_PRO_UPG/sources/sxs/amd64_netfx-aspnet_webadmin_images_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.2.9200.16384_none_7212a61ab4719ddb/help.jpg
[Time]Mon Jan 14 08:49:38 2013
[Message:12] **** Error Trans_Thread(): Failed mc_convert() path /shares/Public/_WDPROT/WDSAFE/DailyBackupToN900/shares/Public/Shared Music/Windows_8_PRO_UPG/sources/sxs/amd64_netfx-aspnet_webadmin_images_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.2.9200.16384_none_7212a61ab4719ddb/help.jpg, isFile 1, type 0
[Time]Mon Jan 14 08:49:38 2013
[Message:13]*** failed to create thumbnail /shares/Public/.miocrawler_cache/D15B06D46741DDF42DEECC2A63E7975A.50F38627.jpg, source /shares/Public/_WDPROT/WDSAFE/DailyBackupToN900/shares/Public/Shared Music/Windows_8_PRO_UPG/sources/sxs/amd64_netfx-aspnet_webadmin_images_b03f5f7f11d50a3a_6.2.9200.16384_none_7212a61ab4719ddb/security_watermark.jpg

Initially, at 8am (Safepoint running overnight, starting at 3am) the N900 was refusing any connections (wi-fi or ethernet) although the disk activity led was blinking.  After disabling share functions DLNA, iTunes and FTP (only “Share” is still active) the N900 is still accepting connections at 8am and altough the MBL Safepoint status shows 30% complete and 2 hours to complete, I got the error message mailed to me at 12:39.

My questions:

  1. How to disable the thumbnails creation? I just want to use the N900 as a NAS to backup the MBL (I would use the MBL as a NAS if there was such a thing as a Safepoint creation on the N900).

  2. Why it takes so long for the MBL to copy data (less than 1TB) to the N900 (it’s only the MBL connected to the N900. nothing else)? Unwanted thumbnail creation?

  3. Is it possible to create aditional shares on the N900 (e.g. “backups” just for backing up)?

  4. Is it possible to exclude shares/directories from being accessed through DLNA in the N900?

  5. Is the N900 running Linux like the MBL? I would really like to make sure everything is disabled but samba sharing.

Thank you.

Best regards,


Hi, I don’t see why it would not work. Check if you have the latest firmware update installed for both the MBL and the mynet.

There was an issue with thumbnails that was resolved in the n900 firmware 1.06.18.  If you are noy on that firmware, I would upgrade to it first and retry your safepoint.  Make sure to backup the current firmware and settings before upgrading so you can go back if you have issues.

I believe I’m running the latest fw on both devices (the update for the N900 got it from WD’s website, as clicking on the “Check for update” reported that I was running the latest version when it was still running the 1.05.xx version and the 1.06.18 was already available for download.

Running N900 with 1.06.18.

Running MBL with 02.32.05-046.

Still, Safepoint failing every single day, however, it was set to run weekly but with Auto Update enabled. I would say it’s working fine if I was adding stuff to the MBL … but I’m not. Didn’t copy anything during the past week. Probably something else running on the MBL is creating new files or just the fact that the last Safepoint failed causes the MBL to retry it every single day?!

Too many questions … fortunately bought the devices with 40% discount. I can’t say I’m satisfied with these products.

N900 might have crashed. Wifi is gone. Safepoint (over cable) and Timemachine (over wifi) backups running at same time!:frowning:

I’ve rebooted the N900. The last 40 pages of the system log are similar to:

***** Can’t remove tn file: /shares/Public/.miocrawler_cache/91356056D0B7CB8A949C52E269DF31FD.50F7C453.jpg

I don’t know if they were generated during/after booting up or before when it wasn’t possible to connect to the N900.

I’ve formatted the N900 internal HDD. Removed the AppData folder from a couple of Windows user account directories that were backed up to the MBL. Safepoint restarted and still runnning (for almost 9 hours and copied 82 out of 93GB).

Event description:Your safepoint WeeklyMBLToN900 was created successfully on the Public share on MYNETN900C.