Creating/Registering MyCloud Account

OK - what am I missing. I have the “My Passport Wireless Pro” and simply trying to log on to “MyCloud.”

How do you register/create account because I thought it was the same as when I created my account upon registering my product?

Thanks for your help.

First, you may want to post to the dedicated My Passport Wireless subforum where there are probably more knowledgeable users, as this subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud devices.

Second, the is an online web portal for users to remotely access certain WD devices that allow for remote access. It is NOT the website where you “register” your device with WD.

You should read through the My Passport Wireless Pro User Manual ( to learn more about your product, its features and how to use/access them. Also see the My Passport Wireless Pro Learning Center ( for additional information on how to use the device.

It is not clear that the My Passport Wireless Pro even needs one to access the web portal to create an account. Instead the User Manual talks about using the My Cloud mobile app to access the device on the local wireless network. See Chapter 3 Setting Up The Wireless Drive, Using WD My Cloud App on a Mobile Device in the User Manual for more information.

This thread has been moved to the correct location. The conversation can now proceed.

Appreciate your reply :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.