Creating new files on Remote Desktop directly into WD NAS

Please tell me there’s a way to create new files directly into WD My Cloud remotely from my laptop.

I have downloaded the desktop app and can access my files, drag new files into it, but if I create a new document (e.g. in word/pages) do I really have to save it locally first and then drag it in? That’s extremely annoying and not very useful. Is there a way around this? 

Hi there and welcome to the Wd community.

You can try to access the device remotely with web access and see if you can create a document that way. Just try to go to and log in access your drive and see if it could be possible. 

If I log in through the browser, it just shows me a page explaining how to download the desktop app or mobile apps.

I have downloaded the desktop app and can access my files and copy/upload files onto my cloud, but I can’t create new documents directly. This means I have to create new documents locally onto my drive, then copy that file and then delete it (as I don’t want duplicates). It’s a tedious process - a 3 step process. I was hoping this would be a good replacement for dropbox. 


What model My Cloud are you using? Since some of the newer models do not have web access through the website?

I have the new EX2100

I was hoping someone would have a clever work around using the local folder that’s created in the application support library (using a mac)