Creating NAS on blank drive (WD Live Book)

Hi there,

at first: sorry for my bad english. its not my native language.

I’ve got a question: I got a 3 TB NAS System from Western Digital, called “My Book live” in an old version that only have a single LAN port as the only possibility to connect.
But the built in 3 TB HDD is to precious for my that i only run it as a network storage so i put the HDD out from the box and put it in my computer, formated it with NTFS.

But i have an “old” 1 TB Harddrive that i want create a NAS Drive from it. But how can i do this? I’m absolutely new with this and got no idea. I know i killed the 3TB Debian Distribution when i formatted it with NTFS to run the HDD on my Computer.

Now i know, i had to install Debian Lenny onto the blank 1 TB Harddrive. But how i should make this? I’m absolutely new in the Unix/Linux section and have no idea how i should start :frowning:

Thanks for your help

Check if the link below helps.